Tony Stewart runs over driver after altercation at local short track. UPDATE: Driver was killed. (Warning: Graphic)

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NASCAR champion Tony Stewart was involved in a Spint Car accident at New York, just north of Watkins Glen, where Stewart was to race in the Sprint Cup series weekend. Stewart and fellow racer, Kevin Ward, got into an altercation during a sprint car race.

According to reports, Ward approached Stewart to confront him and Stewart clipped Ward with his car, sending Ward flying through the air and then laying motionless when he landed. Ward was taken to a local hospital and has passed away.

  • Door King

    You can’t tell what happened from the clip except the man got run over.

  • Joe S

    Can’t blame Stewart for this one, guys

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  • John F

    I can blame stewart for this, fuck tony stewart. piece of shit.

  • jackie

    dumb ass should not have put himself right in front of him. you can’t blame Stewart.

  • John F

    uhhh i can blame tony

  • jackie

    How the hell do you expect a car traveling that fast to stop on a dime when you jump in the way of oncoming travel. Tony Stewart is not at fault.

    • William Lundy

      “That fast”????? They were under CAUTION. That means 25 miles per hour, dude. I could avoid hitting a rabbit at that speed. DUH

  • John F

    yes, he is.

  • Tony P.

    You can blame tony stewart 100% for this. The car before stewart swerved around kevin ward with no problem. Stewart was being an asshole and didn’t move therefore clipping him with the rear end. Tony Stewart put a girl in the hospital last year at this same track. Tony Stewart is a piece of shit and needs to be charged with something for this incident. Year in and year out he has been wrecking local racers with no regard for safety or these peoples lives