Does the SRT Hellcat live up to the hype? Watch these guys try to put the power down, and fail

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The Fast Lane recently had a go with the new SRT Hellcat, and the results were somewhat disappointing.

0-60 in 4.7 seconds?  That is the best they could do?  In all fairness, these ‘tests’ were done at an un-prepped racetrack in Portland, OR – and we are fairly certain that on the street the new Hellcat could pull a sub 4-second 0-60 time.  But this video does beg the question: why give a car 707 HP, but only equip it with 275mm wide rear tires?

We have faith in Mopar, and well – you just can’t be too disappointed at the end of the day in a car that can rotate the earth under full throttle.